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Satyr Fire

Ethereal Gifts Trio

Ethereal Gifts Trio

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One bottle each of the 2022 Ghost Blood, 2022 Darkmoon Lotus, and 2022 Crystal Dagger. 

Our mission is to craft ethereal, complex, joyous white wines from our region as we explore various geological terroir. With each passing year we learn more about the heart of stone and the essence of wind in this land of impossible beauty. In 2022 we conducted our largest-ever vintage, sourcing grapes from 8 different vineyards and filling 50 barrels with stunning wine. 

This parcel offers shows the detail of our craftsmanship and the diligence of our study, Ghost Blood, a Myriad Wine, shows what may occur when combine the lifesource of various vineyards and allow them to join in fermentation. Darmkoon Lotus is a perfect example of a varietal, attempted for the first time, that proves immediately that these wines will flourish in the region. The Crystal Dagger is the seventh Riesling in a study that has become the great pursuit of our lives, and gives us the continued confidence necessary to proceed. 

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