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Satyr Fire

Earthen Treasures Trio

Earthen Treasures Trio

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One bottle each of the 2021 Oath of the Grove Chardonnay, 2021 Legacy of Myr Chardonnay, and 2021 Shadowdancer Pinot Noir. 

The 2021 vintage was generous gift to winemakers of the Willamette Valley. A summer filled with warm days was cooled by coastal winds, giving chilly nights. The vines bloomed early and harvest arrived perfectly in September amid a warm, dry season. Our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, now a year in the bottle, showcase how idyllic this vintage was. We will covet these wines for years to come. 

This parcel offers the diversity and articulate nature of our craft, with two Chardonnays, each from unique terroir, and a rare Pinot Noir from earthen origins. 

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