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Satyr Fire

Ghost Blood

Ghost Blood

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This 2022 wine is the product of an ongoing cookpot where we added first Pinot Gris, then Chenin Blanc, then Muscat, and finally Riesling. It was inspired by the revitalizing table wines of our favorite French region, Alsace, where such inspired blends are served in a large carafe alongside local cuisine. The wine has a savory tone with salty aromas and herbaceous notes alongside tropical fruit on the palate. It’s a delightful, refreshing wine to serve with food or conversation.

This natural wine is unfined & unfiltered, and the acidity will crystalize when the wine is chilled. If you see acid crystals dancing in the wine, fear not, this will not affect the flavor. Just let them fall to the bottom of the bottle and pour carefully.

300 cases produced

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